Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tom's Birthday

My brother is three years younger than I. His precious daughter, Ann, and her little daughters had a birthday brunch for him. It was a warm fall day in Texas and the girls made up dances to entertain us.

The curtains in the kitchen I just finished making. I need to make two more sets for Ann. This is the first time I've sewn in years. It felt familiar, like an old friend.  Maybe I'll make the three little girls in my family some dresses now that I have my sewing place.

I haven't had any nightmares since I've been home. Enno used to wake me from them weekly for all the years I lived in Holland. I would try to analyze them. Now I think I never felt safe living in a foreign country.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Blue Skies Smiling at Me

Nothing but blue skies do I see. Over the weekend I retrieved more of my belongs which I had stored at my son's house.  Now the task looms before me as to where to put them. I carved out a little niche in my dining area to create an office space.

This week I'm expecting my shipment from Holland and I may totally lose my mind over that.

But, my view from my favorite chair gives me peace as I watch the squirrels play in the many trees. I listen to the water swirling vin the swimming pool and the blue jays calling to each other.  I'm in a good place.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Still Getting Sèttled

It's harder this time. I lost someone very dear to me. I'm grieving,  depressed and can't find a thing. That makes it slow going. 

Keeping my grandson after school every brings structure to my weeks. That's a blessing. I am glad to be home and being with my family and old friends.

Need a new computer.  Suggestions?  This post is from my Android.

I'm not allowed to put photos of my grandkids on blog or would have a  lot. My brother is closeby. I like my neighborhood. 

Sorry this is so sporadic. Maybe in another month l'll have it all together.  My new life.