Saturday, September 6, 2014

Moved in Apartment

I'm in the process of unpacking which will take a month, I'm sure. (It took four
Tired but content to be home, this Texas gal is enjoying
the heat of a Texas summer
where you know
it is summer.


My Garden Diaries said...

Such a beautiful home! Good luck unpacking!!! And boy does that pool look wonderful!!! Nicole xoxo

josephinaballerina said...

Jenny, Welcome Home! That is one cute apartment inside and out. Re: your pix. The underwater one is neat-o! Soak up that heat right into your bones. I don't mind heat if it is dry. Humid heat wilts me to the core and makes the MS flare up. But, boy! If we have another Polar Vortex this winter, I think I may join you in TX! Does it stay warm there in the winter?
:) m & jb

c. Joy said...

Welcome Home! I'm taking my time settling back into our new kitchen, it's good. Your pool looks wonderful.

Anni said...

Sending some strenght so that you'll manage to unpack and find everything. Or at least those things you really need for surviving.
Good luck!

Judy said...

Bless your new home!